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Rolling Over Teachers and Students for a New Year

CSO Support Professional -

Once you have received our confirmation email about your subscription purchases for the new year, you can begin to login to the program. Your newly purchased subscriptions will be added to your school account which can be monitored on your School Administrator dashboard. You will then be required to choose to renew those Student accounts that will be using the system in the new year, using your school's purchased subscriptions.
The most efficient way to renew and update or rollover the school details (reallocate students and teachers to their new classrooms) for the new year is to use our CSV Template. The links to the update/renew instructions using the CSV Template are provided below.

If you would like to only renew either the Student or Teacher subscription without changing their classroom allocation you can simply renew with the instructions provided below.

Please note: Each time you add a Teacher or Student account or renew a Teacher or Student account, the subscription will be deducted from your school account which can be monitored on your School Administrator dashboard.
To transfer students from one classroom to another classroom without renewing their subscription, you can follow the instructions provided below.

You may provide your teachers and students with the direct link to access the Teacher and Student User Guides. It is strongly recommended that they take the time to read through the guides as they will be really helpful when using the program.

Changing School Billing Officer Details

It is important that you use your School Billing Officer's email address to have your purchased subscriptions added to your school account. If you would like to change your CARS & STARS Online Billing Officer details, please click here to submit a support ticket.

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