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View Assessment Listing (Assign/Reset Assignment or Placement Test)

CSO Support Professional -

This section will allow you to view or reassign the current child's assessment.


Before displaying the Assessment List you should select the Reading Level that you wish to view. If you wish to view all assessments, please select the All option that can be found in the drop-down menu. When you have selected your options and clicked Submit, the assessment listing will appear.


When viewing the assessment listing, you can see that the following details are provided for each child: Assessment, Status, Created Date, Completed To Date and Action.

For each child you are able to click on Assign New Assessment and select a new assessment for that particular child, or you can set the child to retake the placement test. Please note that, when you are reassigning the child to a new assessment or retaking the placement test, all of the children's current assessments will be pushed to the Previous Assessment section in the child/student portal when the child logs into their account (for Subscription and Trial Accounts only).

Additionally, if you wish to do a bulk edit for all or selected children, click the Select All button and check each checkbox, then click Mark to either assign them to a new reading level or take the Placement Test.

To reset individual test found in the CARS assessment, click here
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