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Enter Assessment Data

CSO Support Professional -

You need to assign a reading level to your students before you enter their assessment data. If you have not already done so, please follow the link provided below.


Entering Assessment Data for Students with Virtual Accounts Only

To enter assessment data for students with Virtual Accounts, please go to the student's profile and select the assessment that is set as current. If the assessment that you would like to enter is not set as current, you will have to first set the assessment to current. If you are allocated to more than one classroom, you will be prompted to select a classroom as per the image below.


Selecting the classroom displays the list of its students in the sidebar. This will enable you to quickly be able to enter the assessment data for different students in different classrooms that are assigned to you.


Entering Assessment Data 

When entering the assessment data for each test, you can quickly see that there is a sidebar displaying the student list with their current assessment for the classroom that you have selected previously. And if you wish to change the student list, simply click on the dropdown menu located above the student list.

On the right-hand side, you can see the assessment for the student that you wish to enter is displayed. Above that, you can see the Reading Test Tabs, this will allow you to quickly switch to the next test. If you wish to restart the data entry for a reading test, you can simply press the Reset button that is located beside the Submit button for each reading test. And once you have completed a reading test, a tick will be displayed below the reading test label in the Reading Test Tabs.

Additionally, if you wish to view the particular student's report after completing your data entry, simply click on View Student Report, located under Student Details.

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