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My Account (For Children)

CSO Support Professional -

This section will allow you to change your child's details and application settings.


Basic Account Settings

As of the 1st of May 2020, children are not allowed to change their First Name and Last Name. Here you can change your child's basic account settings such as: Gender, Year of Birth and Profile Image.

Please Note: Access Code and Expiry Date will be greyed out, as these cannot be changed directly by the user.

Application Settings

By default, the assessment & lesson application will run in High Performance Mode. If the children are experiencing a significant performance issue, please switch over to the Low Performance Mode.

Low Performance Mode reduces visual effects and the interactivity of the application, but increases the overall performance. This is recommended for older devices or browsers that have not been updated.

Select this option if your browser is running slowly or not loading the pages. Click on Save after you have selected the option.


Children can view which Parent Account is connected/linked to their account.

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