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CARS: Progress Chart

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The Progress Chart consists of three sections: Pretest, Benchmark and Post Test, where each section contains five reading tests. There are also Self-Assessments, which are only for Pretests and Post Tests. The Self-Assessments are a tool to help the child review their own performance and encourage them to set goals for future reading success.

  • In each section there is a table that will represent the entire performance for that section. In each table, it will have two sets of labels. The left-hand side label indicates 1 to 5, which represents the test number, e.g. Pretest 1 to 5. The bottom labels on the table will represent the strategy that the question covers.
  • After each reading test is completed the child will be able to view their reading test result on the table. For each question that the child has answered correctly it will turn green, otherwise it will remain grey in colour if wrong or skipped.
  • Each reading test's details will be displayed as Status and Completed to Date. The child can Begin or Continue a test by clicking on its status. Once the status of the test is Completed, the child will not be able to access that reading test again.
  • Once all five reading tests are completed for each section, the section will collapse to let the child focus on the next section.

Please note: For Pretests and Post Tests, the child will be required to complete the Self-Assessments. Otherwise the section will not collapse, and the assessment will not be marked as Completed.

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