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Bulk Reassign Request

CSO Support Professional -

This section will allow you to request re-assign reading level or placement test to your students in bulk.


Assign all students to take placement test

This option will assign all students to retake the Placement Test 



Reassign a reading level for my students based on their results

Students will be assigned to a new reading level based on their results, as chosen by you.


Step 1: Select a test results to use

You can assign a new reading level based on individual students' Post Test or Overall results.

Step 2: Set the percentage

You can set a custom percentage here to designate at which point students will either be moved up to the next level or down to the previous level.

Step 3: Set additional options

You can set additional requirements for other scenarios, based on your own requirements.

Please note: After you have submitted your request, you will receive an email notification within 1 business day informing you that your request has been successfully processed.

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