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Current and Previous Reading Level

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This gives a brief overview of the reading level that is currently in progress.

Taking a quick look inside the Current Reading Level panel, it will display the current reading level that the child is attempting.

By clicking on the Explore button listed in the current reading level, the child can access the reading level roadmap, which is called Timeline. This will display the child's Reading Comprehension Journey.


Previous Reading Level will show the past five reading levels that the child has attempted. If you wish to view all of their past reading levels, please click on View All. Beside each reading level there will be an indicator stating where the reading level came from. These are as follows.

  • O is for Originated, where the reading level is created for the student.
  • R is for Reassigned, where the reading level has been reassigned from another reading level.
  • M is for Migrated, where the reading level came from the previous school but has been migrated to their current school.

Additionally, details of each reading level are displayed as follows.

  • Completed to Date: Displays the most recent date that the reading level has been attempted or completed.
  • Status: If a reading level has been completed it will be marked as COMPLETED, or IN PROGRESS if the reading level has not been completed.
  • Actions: The Actions button is provided for each reading level. It gives the option to either View Reading Level or Archive Reading Level. Archiving a reading level will remove it from the Dashboard, and it will be kept in the Archived Reading Level section for your records. This can be found by clicking on the sidebar menu.


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