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Placement Centre

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The Placement Centre is the first part of the three-part CARS & STARS series. It is used to assess the child's reading comprehension and then place them in the correct CARS Level.

Please note: CARS & STARS is based on reading comprehension, not year level. Children in the same year level may have different levels of comprehension. Therefore, children that are in the same class can be in different CARS & STARS levels. The Placement Centre evaluation ensures the child is on the correct level for their ability.

The child will be able to change their recommended placement level if required.

To change your child's recommended placement level:

  1. Once the child is at the Placement Centre
  2. The child will be assigned to their individual placement level based on their year level
  3. The child is informed to check with their parent that their assigned placement level is suitable
  4. The parent can instruct their children to change their placement level from the dropdown menu
  5. Click Start Test
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