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STARS Review & Final Review Charts

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The STARS Review & Final Review Charts provide you with information on how each reset option relates to the Review Lesson and Final Review Lesson found on Reading Level A to H.

Types of Reset
Reading Level A
Reading Level B-H
Reset Review Lesson 1 Lessons 1-2 (1 part/passage) Lessons 1-3 (2 parts/passage)
Reset Review Lesson 2 Lessons 3-4 (1 part/passage)
Lessons 4-6 (2 parts/passages)
Reset Review Lesson 3 Lessons 5-6 (1 part/passage) Lessons 7-9 (2 parts/passages)
Reset Review Lesson 4 Lessons 7-8 (1 part/passage)
Lessons 10-12 (2 parts/passages)
Reset Final Review Lesson Lessons 1-8 (4 parts/passages) Lessons 1-12 (4 parts/passages)

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