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Lock Settings

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This section will allow you to change a student's Assessments and Lessons Accessibility.


Assessments and Lessons Accessibility

By default, all assessments and lessons are unlocked. You may choose to lock assessments and lessons by selecting each from the list and posting a classroom announcement (basic instructions on what to achieve as daily or weekly tasks) to your students before clicking on the Submit button.

Scenario 1

If students are in a composite classroom, the latest settings will apply to the students.

i.e. Josh is assigned to Room 1 and Room 2. Teacher A from Room 1 has changed lock setting for Room 1. After Josh finished his class from Room 1 and Teacher B from Room 2 changed the lock settings, Room 2's lock settings apply to Josh.

Scenario 2

It is possible to allow the program to be unlocked on a student-by-student basis. You can put those students who might advance more quickly than others into a special supplementary classroom.

i.e. you might have a core classroom - 6a. You can create a new classroom - 6a-1 - and add those students that advance more quickly to it so that you can apply customised lock settings only for those students.

The following link shows you how to allocate multiple classrooms to a student:


Please note: Whenever you update the core classroom’s lock settings these settings will automatically be applied to the supplementary classroom as well. This means that you will need to manually update the supplementary lock settings so that the students in the supplementary classroom still receive the customised lock settings instead of those for the core classroom.

The classroom announcement will display on the student dashboard.


It is advisable for teachers to update their classroom's lock settings before the start of their class.


Assessments Accessibility

When an assessment is locked, there will be a lock icon shown on the Status button.



Lessons Accessibility

When a lesson is locked, there will be a lock icon shown on the Lesson button.

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