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Student Profile (Manage/Delete Reading Level)

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You can access the student's profile page by clicking on the student name highlighted in blue under View Student List, or by typing the student's name in the Live Search and clicking on the results displayed. You can also directly access the student's profile by using Student Quickview.

When viewing the Student Profile page, you can see all the assessments assigned to the student.

If you wish to assign the student to a new reading level click on Manage Reading Level. Please note that, when you are reassigning the student to a new reading level or retaking the placement test, all of the students' current assessments will be pushed to the Previous Reading Level section in the student portal when the student logs into their account (for Subscription and Trial Account only).

You can click on the Actions button of each reading level and it will display several actions that you can do for that specific reading level: Edit CARS Planning Form and Delete Reading Level 

You can enter your student progress notes and action plan for the selected assessment by clicking on the Edit CARS Planning Form link.

Please note: Each instructional planning form is unique for each individual CARS Series assessment.

By default, the reading level list will only show those that are currently Active. If you wish to view all of the reading levels, including the Archived Reading Levels, please click on the filter on the bottom right hand corner. Set it to Show Active and select Show All, or Show Archived to view only the archived reading levels.

The View CARS Summary Report and View STARS Summary Report will bring you to the specific report of that reading level for that student, and there you can see their overall performance.

Archive Assessment allows you to archive an assessment for future reference. Once an assessment is archived, you are not able to set the archived assessment to current. However, you can unarchive an assessment at any time.

To differentiate the Archived and Active Reading Level, you can click on the filter provided on the bottom right-hand corner.

Delete Reading Level allows you to remove the reading level entirely so it cannot be recovered. Therefore, please make sure you delete only the desired assessment.

Additionally, you can select the reading level by checking the checkboxes beside each assessment and clicking on Mark if you wish to do a bulk Delete All, Unarchive All or Archive All.

You can also view Individual Student Detail Reports: CARS Reports and STARS Reports.

CARS Reports will provide access to: Student Summary Report, Student Placement Test Results, Student Progress Report, Student Test Performance Report, Student Reading Strategy Details Report and Student Reading Strategy Performance Report.

STARS Reports will provide access to: Student Summary Report, Student Progress Report, Student Lesson Performance Report, Student Reading Strategy Details Report and Student Reading Strategy Performance Report.



Edit the student profile by clicking on Edit Profile under the student's name.

The student can be added to more classrooms by adding them in the Classroom field and then clicking Submit.

Account Details

  • The student's account details are listed as Account Type, Date Created, Expiry Date and Last Login.
  • The student's status can be changed to Active, Inactive or Discontinued from the Status drop-down menu.

Student Details

  • The student's First Name, Last Name, Gender and Year of Birth can be edited under Student Details.
  • You can also upload an optional profile image by clicking on Select File under the Profile Image header.
  • When the student relocates to a new school, you can allow the student to migrate across their previous assessments to the new school by clicking on Allow Assessment Migration.
  • Click Submit when/if changes are made. You will be taken back to the Student Profile page.
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